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    We have narrowed it down to two names...Which is your pick?

    First of all the names that are set names that we have decided on...

    Lydia....My grandmothers name passed on for 3 generations. She is thrilled we are using it.

    Atalaya(pronounced like Maya,it is a Spanish name ) a name my husband and I both love. I have sentimental feelings for this name as I grew up visiting a castle in SC called Atalaya.

    The names to choose from are

    *Lydia Atalaya Jane....Jane is a distant family name. My Great Grandmothers Aunt. We would call her Attie

    *Lydia Atalaya Ruth...Ruth is my husbands Great Aunt and his side of the family is really hoping we will pick this one because we haven't chosen a name from his side of the family. We would call her Liddy Rue or Attie Rue

    Which do you think is best?

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