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    I love the combos of Claire Bronwyn and Bronwyn Claire!!! Good luck!!
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    working in a pediatrician's office, I've seen an increase in baby Finleys. ALL GIRLS. To be honest that's my favorite from your list, but I would pair it with Claire as a middle. At the end of the day though, she's your little girl. Go with a name YOU love.

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    Totally Honest: only one I would actually consider using is Claire. Finley and Logan are boys names which I think need incredibly feminine middles and may pigeon hole your child. Makiya and Carleigh have made up/creative spellings and I'm just not into that. I think you need at least a 2 syllable middle for Claire. Claire Faith strikes me as very staccato. Good luck!

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    Logan Rose is my favourite, I've never heard the name Logan used as a girls name but this combination is lovely! If you're worried about people what others think, Lois is a similar girls name? Logan Rose is the one.

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    -Finley Marie: Finley, to me, is a boy's name. Marie is nice but it's often used as a filler; I prefer Maria.
    -Carleigh Bronwyn: Don't like the spelling; I prefer Carly. Bronwyn's okay because of the meaning. I like the nickname Bonnie.
    -Claire Faith: Claire's boring and doesn't flow well with Faith.
    -Makiya Grace: Not 100% sure on how to pronounce Makiya. Grace is often used as a filler.
    -Logan Rose: Logan is a boy's name in my opinion. Rose is often a filler too!

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