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    I love Finley Marie! I think it's adorable! And Finn would be a lovely nickname! Mikiya would be very hard for most people to pronounce and spell and same with Carleigh (and I'm not the biggest fan of the name Carly in the beginning! It's too close to Carl and Carl is not an attractive name at all). Claire Faith does not have a very nice flow, since both names are one syllable. Have you considered Clara or Clarity as a fn? Or another virtue name for a mn, like Claire Amity, Claire Clemency, Claire Unity, or Claire Verity?
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    i like carleigh, but i'd spell it like this: Carly. Just because even though the other spelling is more unique, people will mispronounce it all the time.

    that's what i heard from someone who named their daughter Charleigh - (pronounciation: charlie) she said no one would pronounce it correct.

    Also, i just prefer girls names that are feminine and not at all confused with a possible boy name. I 'd save your Logan name for a boy.

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    Finley Marie - Cute, a little boringly trendy and predictable, but cute

    Carleigh Bronwyn - Carleigh is not cute, just trendy. Bronwyn is fabulous even if it is trending. Bronwyn as a first name is really nice!

    Claire Faith - Cute, more classic than anything else you've posted, but boring

    Makiya Grace - While Makiya has a pretty sound, it doesn't have anything else going for it. Definitely my least favorite of your choices.

    Logan Rose - While Logan is generally accepted as a unisex name, most Logans I have ever met are male.

    Of all your choices I like Brownyn Grace the best.
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    -Finley Marie - Finley is more of a masculine name.

    -Carleigh Bronwyn - I like the spelling Carly better and Bronyn is so masculine to me

    -Claire Faith - Clara Faith flows better. This one is my favorite.

    -Makiya Grace - .Makiya is pretty, but I think she would have to tell people how to pronounce it.

    -Logan Rose - Logan is a boy's name. Rose is pretty though.
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    Claire Faith is my favorite by a long shot...

    -Finley Marie - Boy
    -Carleigh Bronwyn - I have a negative association with Carleigh. Sounds bratty. Also, I prefer Bronwen to Bronwyn because Bronwyn is masculine and the y makes it look more "teen mommish" anyway.
    -Claire Faith - A safe choice
    -Makiya Grace - I don't like any Mak / McK type names really, except maybe a few surnames on boys
    -Logan Rose - Boy

    Sorry that wasn't so nice but I am quite picky.

    I am fine with "filler" middle names. Family/filler middle names is the tradition in my family and region.
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