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    I like bronwyn my second daughter is called bryar rose if you like a name with rose good luck with dision and congratilations wish you all the best of luck:smile:

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    Finley & Logan - is very common on boys and if your prepared for her to be the only girl with the name Finley or Logan in a class of 5/6 Finley's and Logan's then go for it but I wouldn't.
    I'm guessing this doesn't bother you, but if it does, Finola is a pretty feminine name meaning "white shoulders" that still yields similar nn options to Finley and works with Marie, Bronwyn Claire or Rose as a middle.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gijanie View Post
    Totally Honest: only one I would actually consider using is Claire. Finley and Logan are boys names. Makiya and Carleigh have made up/creative spellings (makes them seem low class). Carly is OK though. I also like all of your middle name choices - it doesn't bother me that most of them are "filler names."
    Brutally honest. Listen to gijanie. Though I would choose Clara over Claire. Having said all that, I think family names, if important, should sometimes trump flow, style etc. if you love your Granny and want to use her name, put it as a mn.
    Best of luck with your bub!
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    I do not care for most of them due to spelling...I don't feel like spelling is the place to be unique, as it leads to mispronunciation and irritation for the child who is always having to spell their name for others.

    That being said, Carly and Finley are both cute. I know most people on here will say Finley is a boys name, and it is, but so were Ashley, Avery, and Whitney. I only know of girl Finley's (and I know about 4 so it's certainly on the rise).

    I think Faith is sweet as a first name and Bronwyn is kind of cool. I just have a serious dislike for Grace based on the fact that 75% of the girls I meet have it as their middle name!!! I'm not exaggerating!

    I might suggest a name Eden or Emery for you. These are both cute and popular without being through the roof common.

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    -Finley Marie---I do not like Finley for a girl.....not sure I like it fr a boy either. Love Marie for a first or middle

    -Carleigh Bronwyn Do not care for Carleigh......seems like a mouthful Bronwyn is good

    -Claire Faith I like this name and combo

    -Makiya Grace I like this one a lot. A little different and sounds neat. Grace is always good.

    -Logan Rose Sorry due to personal reasons I hate Logan. Love Rose

    Rose, Grace and Marie are wonderful middles and would also make great firsts. Mikiya and Claire are the only two firsts I came close to liking and I liked Makiya best
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