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    personally, I like Claire.
    if you want something a bit trendier why not try Claire Logan?

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    I used to love Finley for a girl, but now I think it's way too popular for boys and I wouldn't want to use a super popular name. Not a fan of Marie in the middle...I think every other girl I went to school with (born mid 80s) had Marie as a middle name.

    Don't really love Carleigh, no matter what the spelling. Bronwyn/Bronwen is a name I had never heard before coming on Nameberry...I don't know how I feel about it yet.

    Claire is pretty, but like others said, Claire Faith doesn't sound as good as Claire with a 2 or 3 syllable middle name or Clara Faith.

    Makiya...I am guessing it's pronounced Ma-key-a? There are so many Makenzie/Makena/Makayla names that I don't think this will stand out. It's very different than your other choices to me. Also think people will struggle with pronounciation.

    I know a girl named Logan and I think it suits her. However, it's a VERY common name for little boys. Not sure I would use it for that reason.

    So...I would choose Claire Faith, of your options. But I would consider a different middle name or making it Clara Faith!

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    Finley & Logan - is very common on boys and if your prepared for her to be the only girl with the name Finley or Logan in a class of 5/6 Finley's and Logan's then go for it but I wouldn't.

    Claire - to me Claire is a lovely middle name but I wouldn't use it as a first name. If you like it go for it Claire Bronwyn is lovely.

    Makiya - it's looks a nice name but the child will be forever spelling her name to people. Michaela or Kayla or Kiya or Kyla would be better. Michaela Grace/Rose/Faith is lovely.

    Carleigh - is cute but I don't like the spelling Carley or Carly or Karley (I know someone with this spelling she's a close mate). Carley Bronwyn sounds nice Grace/Rose/Faith/Marie is ok with this name also.

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    Okay, I will be BRUTAL!

    Finley Marie - Bad. Finley is a boy's name and Marie is a filler mn.
    Carleigh Bronwyn - Bad. Carleigh is a terribly trendy spelling. Bronwyn is okay. A better combination would be Carly Bronwen.
    Claire Faith - Claire is lovely, but doesn't match well with Faith.
    Makiya Grace - Bad. Makiya sounds awfully trendy and Grace is a filler mn.
    Logan Rose - Bad. Logan is a boy's name and Rose is a filler mn.

    Best first name options: Carly, Claire, Grace and Rose.
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    I think Claire Makiya or Faith Makiya would be lovely together. Plus I think the name is extra special with your Grandma's name in it.
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