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    Finley Marie- Finley still tips more male to me. If you use Finley use a middle name that doesn't end in an "ey" sound. Especially not Marie, it's such a filler. Finley Gabriella, Finley Grace, Finley Sara.
    Claire Bronwyn- I prefer Bronwyn Claire. I think you should add another middle name. The balance feels off.
    Makiya Grace- Makiya is a made up name, I really don't like it. Michaela is more suitable and is a legitimate name.
    Carleigh- Dear god this is horrid. Go with Carly.
    Claire Faith- I like the suggestion of Clarissa Faith.
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    The only one I like is Claire Faith.

    Everything else sounds uber trendy or too masculine.

    Claire Faith is timeless.

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    Finley Marie- Very cute

    Carleigh Bronwyn- I hate the spelling you chose for the first name, I'd prefer Carly, Carley, or Carlie. Bronwyn is lovely and unique.

    Claire Faith- Love the name Claire! Very pretty.

    Makiya Grace- Don't like it.

    Logan Rose- I think this one is my favorite, gorgeous!

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    These are the ones I like very much! Finley Marie-Claire Faith-Logan Rose. I also think Finley Rose, Finley Grace and Finley Claire sound wonderful together.

    Great taste in names!

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    Claire and Faith are both lovely names.

    Clara Faith would be nice!

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