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    -Finley Marie - Finley is all boy to me. How about Marley?!

    -Carleigh Bronwyn - What about Carly?

    -Claire Faith - Love! My fav!!

    -Makiya Grace - I don't love. Not bad though.

    -Logan Rose - Logan is for boys too. I do like it better than Finley though. I like that you have a very girly middle name for her.

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    Congrats on your little girl! Brutally honest opinions ahead...

    -Finley Marie - Finley is trendy and nms. As someone with Marie as a middle name, it feels so filler and common. Maybe Finley as a middle

    -Carleigh Bronwyn I dislike the -leigh ending, and I don't think Carly is a name on its own. If you like Carly, mayble Caroline nn Carly?

    -Claire Faith - Claire is by far my favorite name on your list. Faith is too short of a middle for it. I would suggest Claire Brownwen (this spelling.. Bronwyn looks so trendy) or Claire Logan.

    -Makiya Grace - Makiya seems made up, and Grace is fine as a middle name, albeit a little common and filler.

    -Logan Rose - I don't like Logan as a first name for girls. It would be a nice middle, though.

    In the end, I suggest Claire Finley, Claire Bronwen, or Claire Logan. Claire is beautiful and classic, and those other names make interesting middles! As an alternative, perhaps Caroline Faith, Caroline Rose, or Caroline Bronwen, nn Carly.

    Good luck!
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    -Finley Marie -- This is adorable. My favorite. Finley might be a boy's name, but so is Ashley; both are on the feminine side anyway, and there's nothing wrong with using them for girls. People can gripe about it all they want, but in the end, what matters is YOUR opinion.

    -Carleigh Bronwyn -- Love the combo, not the spellings. If you want to use a name, just use the name. Carly Bronwen.

    -Claire Faith -- Meh. Boring. Unless you have an ultra-long last name, one of these should be a two-syllable name. Claire Bronwyn, maybe?

    -Makiya Grace -- Mac-ee-yah? Interesting. Not terrible.

    -Logan Rose -- Okay, I'm not too big on Logan; I've never really liked the sound of it.

    Some names that I think might fit your style:

    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    I didn't read other responses, so I apologize if I am reiterating any points.

    Truthfully, I am not feeling this list. Finley, Carleigh, Makiya, & Logan are trendy a la boys names for girls and strange spellings.

    Claire is the nicest of the first names you offered, but, especially paired with Faith, it is average and predictable. I love the names Rose and Bronwen, though.

    What about Claire Bronwen or Bronwen Claire (the Bronwyn spelling is for traditionally male in Wales)?

    How do you feel about these ones:


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    Quote Originally Posted by janna View Post
    You asked the wrong group of people here, I think NEs seem to generally share one style: Elizabeth, Caroline, Vivian, Linnea, et al tend to get rave reviews. Anything -eigh, creatively spelled (or 'kre8tivveleigh' according to some), or new and trendy are hated. Maybe ask some family about this one.
    FWIW I like Carleigh Bronwyn
    Yes! Finally someone else agrees with me. Even though she asked for brutally honest opinions, I'm still going to respect her naming style. If I don't like a name, I can say that. That's fine. But honestly guys, if anyone who doesn't like Elizabeth, Caroline, or Vivian enters the forum, you automatically categorize them as bad namers and throw them out. I love the Nameberry community, but it seems really narrow-minded to bash whoever doesn't fit our typical mold. Even though Nameberry is supposed to be place for people who love off-the-grid, unique names, it really isn't. In fact, to an outsider, we probably look like a big band of elitist tastemakers who shun anything that's common, trendy, or creative. Sorry if that offended anyone. End of Rant.
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