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    Which name for my baby girl? BRUTALLY HONEST OPINIONS PLS.!

    Hello all! I am due August 2nd with my first child. It's a little girl! My husband and I have put together this list of our favorite names:

    -Finley Marie

    -Carleigh Bronwyn

    -Claire Faith

    -Makiya Grace

    -Logan Rose

    Please give me your HONEST opinions. I'd also love to hear any suggestions you have. Thank you!

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    Finley Marie - Finley's a boys name.
    Carleigh Bronwyn - Carly Bronwen looks nicer.
    Claire Faith - Claire would sound better with a two or more syllable middle name, or go with Clara Fiath
    Makiya Grace - No.
    Logan Rose - Logan is a boys name.
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    -Finley Marie - I do not like Finley for a girl. I don't think there is anything special or nice about the name for a little girl. (i might revise the opinion slightly if Finley is a family name.)

    -Carleigh Bronwyn - I do not like this spelling of Carly. It don't think it adds anything to spunky first name. I do like Carly Bronwyn. Bronwen Carly would be even better.

    -Claire Faith - my favorite of your choices, it is simple, feminine, and elegant

    -Makiya Grace - Makiya looks like a made up name to me. With all the M and K names out there, I don't think this stands out

    -Logan Rose - although Rose softens it a big, Logan strikes me as very masculine. I don't care for it with a girl.
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    Brutally honest? Ok. Here goes.

    Finley Marie - not a fan at all. Finley is of the trendy, last-name-as-girl's-first-name stripe that I can't stand, and Marie is a filler middle.

    -Carleigh Bronwyn - What's wrong with Carly? The trendy spelling makes an otherwise unremarkable name slightly cringe-inducing. I really like Bronwyn. Why not use that as a first?

    Claire Faith - Claire is great! Faith is also nice, but way too similar in sound. Claire Bronwyn would be better.

    Makiya Grace - Makiya sounds made-up and she'll have to spell it/explain the pronunciation her whole life, Grace is a filler.

    Logan Rose - Logan is trendy on a boy, and almost obnoxious on a girl. Rose is also a filler middle, but still very pretty. Why not use it as a first?

    Sorry if this sounds rude. You did say brutally honest!
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    Of your choices the only one I really like is Claire Faith (and I think Claire would go with almost any of the middles you have listed if you wanted to change them around). I love the name Finley, but not at all for a girl. Carleigh is fine, but only spelt Carly. I do not like Makiya or Logan.

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