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    I haven't read through all of the other comments, so I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned this, but Bronwyn is a Welsh name, and when it comes to Welsh names, -en endings are feminine and -yn endings are masculine. So Bronwyn is also a boy's name

    My favorite combos from your list are:
    Bronwen Rose (beautiful!)
    Bronwen Claire/Claire Bronwen
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    I'd agree with a lot of what capturedcastle wrote, particularly about people stating "That's a boy's name" as if that's a rule for not using something. Names ARE alive, and giving girls traditionally male names or traditionally last names isn't all that new (the daughter in Lie Down in Darkness, which was published in 1951, was named Peyton). I personally don't care for unisex names, but I think they do just fine. I work with a woman named Logan, and she doesn't even have a feminine middle to balance things out. She's well-adjusted and happy. :P

    I think Makiya's history and personal importance bumps it up a notch. Makiya Grace is pretty, but does seem a little dull. I love the suggestion of Claire Makiya; it sounds gorgeous and flows so prettily! I also think Finley is awesome. Finley is ranked at #349 for girls right now, so it is hard to argue one can't give it to girls these days. Finley Marie is a little rhymey, but Finley Claire is pretty. I find Claire Faith's one-syllable rhythm choppy. Clara Faith or Clarissa Faith would be gorgeous!

    If you would like any other suggestions, I think you should consider:

    Piper or Fifer
    Winslow (Winnie and Lola are pretty nicknames)
    Carys (a little more grown-up than Carleigh, but you could use Carly/Carleigh as a nickname)

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    My brutally honest opinion would be to scrap all of those names. As a few people have mentioned - some of them are boys names, and the others (aside from Claire) are just plain tacky. Claire would be nice without the middle name Faith.

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    Thanks everyone!

    Just so you know, Makiya is pronounced MA-kai-a.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blessedmommajennie View Post
    Thanks everyone!

    Just so you know, Makiya is pronounced MA-kai-a.
    If it's pronounced that way, use Macaiah. Ma-kai-uh is a perfectly acceptable pronunciation for the (legit) spelling, but I have also seen it pronounced ma-kay-uh.
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