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Thread: Willa Florence?

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    Willa Florence?

    What do you think of the name Willa Florence?
    She has a big sister named Emmeline Mariah!
    Her last name is Reid

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    First thing I said was:

    'Will a Florence read?'

    Not a good idea. Willow Florence Reid is slightly better.

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    Sorry to anyone who read TSI. First draft was terrible. Second drafting now.

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    Thanks! I agree with you! I didn't notice that at all!

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    I love Emmaline Mariah, but not a fan of Willa, Willow or Florence. Anything starting with W will be hard to say w/Reid (e.g., for a child learning to talk, it might come out Willow Weed for awhile, and there could be teasing). But best wishes in any case!

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    I agree with pps. Also, Emmeline Mariah (lovely!) sounds so fresh, while Willa Florence has a very old ladyish feel.

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