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    What if I named my baby girl....

    Gemini Kismet

    what do you guys think? I have been obsessing over baby names for the last few days. Since finding out that my twins are boy/girl I can't stop thinking about what to name this little girl!! I was sooo sure there were two boys in there. I am excited and sort of IN LOVE with the name Gemini. But I feel like it might be too "out there." Her brother will be named Elwood, my boyfriend is completely attached to the name, even though it took me forever to like.

    Elwood & Gemini?

    I guess I don't mind having twins with completely different names from each other, but if I wasn't going to go with the First-letter matching I wanted to at least go with a theme.

    Other options are:

    Maya Gemini
    Emmalynn Gemini ( do you think that EMmalynn GEMini, is too repetitive? "em em")

    But now I am attached to Kismet as a middle name, but cannot let go of Gemini.

    Who can think of some good combo's with Kismet for a middle name?

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    I have to admit, I am not a fan of Gemini Kismet. And it especially seems off when compared to your other choices Maya and Emmalynn. Are you sure its not a "hormone" based choice?

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    Not a fan at all. Gemini, being a horoscope name, just doesn't exude class to me. Sorry. It also seems so random next to Elwood, which has a very vintage feel. I'd expect something equally as vintage to pair with it... like Hazel, Jeanette, Margaret, etc.
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    I think Gemini would be a cool middle name. I also think Gemma would pair better with Elwood as a first name. (I love Elwood by the way).
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