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    Character names! please help and hopefully have fun doing it :)

    My main character for a story im writing is a sixteen year old girl who is half demon. She is supposed to be the princess of the world where she came from but due to her demonic personality she is sent to live on earth with a guardian who is an expert in paranormal research. She can read minds, see the future and communicate with the dead. She is half demon, half reaper. The reapers have he responsibilities of escorting people to heaven or hell, making sure people go at their proper time as well as fighting demons and protecting humans.

    so tell me what you think of my names and please give all he suggestions you have

    Main Character-i'm thinking a unisex name, so far im liking Asha, Spencer, Emmett and Cory

    Mothers name/Queen Reaper-Isla "need middle name" "need last name"

    Researcher/Adoptive Mothers name- I need a name which is used to be popular like Hannah or Anna

    Adoptive sister (Werewolf/vampire hybrid)- Jael (Jael not Yael) "need middle name" "need last name"

    Adoptive brother-So far im thinking Alec or possibly Emmett but I like that for the main girl too.

    I suck at choosing last names, all I have is Grey but it seems too overused

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    You've given us a brief plot summary, but we still don't know much about your characters' personalities, something that I find a huge factor in naming them.

    MC: Spencer, Emmett and Cory all say "male" to me. I like Asha, but be aware that it's a very deeply rooted Indian name. I didn't get the sense that your character had that background. I'd suggest Ashley or Aubrey for her, though I still don't have a feel for what kind of girl she is. If she's very feminine, I'd also consider Audrey.

    Mother/Queen: Again, don't know much about her, but Isla doesn't sound very demonic. I'd suggest Lilit/Lilith (means "of the night") or Lamia (mythological figure with subtle monstrous roots). If I'm incorrect, and your characters are from Hindu descent, consider Usha, an actual Hindu demon princess. Aeronwen, Alecto, Dama, Damiana, Laverna, Medea, and Quinna all mean or associated with death and/or demons.

    Mother/Researcher: Some bland "mom" names are Alyssa, Allison, Amber, Angela, Brittany, Chelsea, Danielle, Dawn, Erin, Erica, Heather, Jennifer, Jessica, Kelly, Kimberly, Lisa, Megan, Melissa, Shannon, Stacy, Stephanie, Tracy and Whitney. If she's an expert researcher, however, you might want to give her a more substantial, intelligent name.

    Sister: The J spelling would bother me the entire novel. It's like naming your character Jessica, but spelling it Yessica yet still pronouncing the J. Other unusual Biblical names are: Tamar, Abra, Miriam, Naomi, Abigail, Dinah, Esther, and Delilah.

    Brother: I like Emmett better for the bro. Alec/Alek/Alex is very much overdone in paranormal lit, and Emmett goes better with your other selection of names (it's very versatile).

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    For the MC's name, I like the unisex idea, but Emmett and Spencer sound too boyish to me. I would shoot for something like Avery, Skyler, Kelsey, Peyton, Lindsey, Reagan, Reese, Taylor, or Sam. These are all unisex, but sound more like a girls name. You don't want your reader to be confused about the gender of your MC.

    The Mother/ Queen Reaper's name is good. I like Isla. If you were to change it, you should do something like Imogen. As for the middle name, Adelaide, Lucienne, Elanie, Juno, or Talullah would fit perfectly, imo. But, when you think about it, unless there is a certain situation, the reader probably will never know half the characters' middle names. As for the last name, I think Grey actually sounds good for your characters.

    The Adoptive Mother's name could be something along the lines of Olivia, Sarah, Hannah, Emily, or Grace should work.

    The Adoptive Sister's name Jael confuses me. I didn't know when I first saw it if it was pronounced Jael or Yael. Also Jael seems like a boy name to me. I would change her name to something like Zooey, Alizeh (A-lie-zah) , Emogen, Siobhan, or Tamerlaine. But, if you are going to stick to Jael, any of those would be fine as a middle name. The last name should be something common like Miller or Jones.

    For the Adoptive Brother's name, Alec is too common in other books to use. Emmett actually sounds good, if you don't mind the Twilight reference. Sebastian, Max, Finley, or Jack would work.

    Good luck with writing your book and coming up with names! The idea for your book is really interesting and I would want want to read it when it comes out

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