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    What district do you live in, and how likely are your children to be chosen for the Hunger Games?
    District 1 (Luxury items) Roll the die for each child. If you roll a 1 or a 2, that child is enrolled in a special school that teaches students how to excel in the Hunger Games. If this is the case, that child has a 1/4 chance of participating in the Hunger Games. Otherwise, your children have a 1/100 chance.

    Who does your family sympathize most with? Katniss Everdeen

    LN: Aurelius

    DH: Leo Martin Aurelius
    DW: Aspen "Penny" Georgina Aurelius (nee Homes)

    DS/DS: Thomas Prentis Aurelius, Lysander Romulus Aurelius
    DD: Calliope "Callie" Siddalee Aurelius
    DD/DS: Melanie "Melly" Tearose Aurelius, Tiberius Meriwether Aurelius
    DD: Adabelle "Ada" Primrose Aurelius
    DD: Rosaline Lace Aurelius
    DD: Margaret "Maggie" Spark Aurelius
    DS: Dasher "Dash" Alaster Aurelius

    Leo & Penny Aurelius

    Thomas, Lysander, Callie, Melly (dies in the hunger games), Tiberius, Ada, Rosaline, Maggie, Dash

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    Remus Heath Cartwright and Daisy Lenore Cartwright (born Daisy Lenore Viponte) are from District 9 and President Snow sympathizers.

    Maia Dove Cartwright (Reaped for the Hunger Games, didn't survive)
    Calliope "Calli" Lucia Cartwright
    Bastian "Bas" Tiberius Cartwright
    Rory Dalton Cartwright
    Julius Rennick Cartwright
    Martin Cray Cartwright and Angus Flame Cartwright
    Darius Webb Cartrwight and Helena Glory Cartwright

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    Location: District 1 (Luxury Items)
    Sympathize With: Katniss Everdeen

    DH: Kavanaugh Robert Homes
    DW: Kady Lisbeth Homes

    DD: Maris Flitter
    DS: Quince Novellus enrolled in special academy
    DD: Aquilia Tearose
    DD: Nerissa Century enrolled in special academy
    DD: Purnia Sabry enrolled in special academy
    DS: Ridge Heath enrolled in special academy
    DD/DS: Cashmere Helena 'Mere' & Alaster Cato Cashmere was reaped for the hunger games. She was killed.
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    Kavanaugh Greyer; Felicity Ames; Javan Quinney

    The Celtic Ones: Gavin, Avalon, Conan, Imogen, Kane, Tristana, Quinney

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    District 2

    W: Hunter Juno London
    H: Gale Aries Hawthorne

    Sympathize with President Coin

    D: Aster Hazelle, attended special training school. Reaped, and killed.
    S: Talon Mallow, reaped, and won the Hunger Games.
    S: Bastian Capulet
    S: Catulus Rory
    D/S: Artemisia Sabry & Hawken Foxglove, both attend special training school. Artemisia is reaped and wins the Hunger Games. Hawken is also reaped, and also wins the Hunger Games (don't know how that works out).
    D: Azura Liselle
    D: Thalia Geranium
    Adam Amedeo Avi Connor Dmitri Enjolras Leo Milo Ronan
    Artemis Cicely Elisabeth Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Rosalie Titania

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    Location: District 5 (Power). Your children have a 1/20 chance of participating in the Hunger Games.
    Sympathize with: President Snow.

    LN: Temlpesmith
    MN: Cresta

    DH: Huxley Callum
    DW: Cressida Magdalen
    g/g t g/g b/b/b t b/b

    Dove Tambria*
    Clove Midge*
    Blye Tearose tw*
    Bea Taffeta tw*
    Tax Dasher*
    Whim Rennik*
    Sage Wester *
    Phlox Hallow tw*
    Pell Heath tw *

    *None chosen (Whew)

    List your family here: Huxley and Cressida; Dove, Clove, Blye (twin), Bea (twin), Tax, Whim, Sage, Phlox (twin), Pell (twin)

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