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    We live in District 7 (Lumber). Our children have a 1/15 chance of participating in the Hunger Games.

    We most sympathize with Katniss Everdeen.


    Birch Robbert Holloway
    Hazel Summer Greenlaw Holloway


    Sunflower Rue
    Aster Dove, reaped for the Hunger Games at age 14; did not survive the Games

    Cypress Tober

    Tearose Clio

    Thimble Alma
    Corliss Glow

    Willow Tansy
    , reaped for the Hunger Games at age 11; did not survive the Games

    Nettle Azura

    Sage Gale
    Currently crushing on:

    Russell. Calloway. Brighton.

    Evadne. Cecelia. Thomasina.

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    What district do you live in, and how likely are your children to be chosen for the Hunger Games?
    --District 8 (Textiles). Your children have a 1/10 chance of participating in the Hunger Games.

    Who does your family sympathize most with?
    --Katniss Everdeen

    LN: Keene nee Holloway

    DH: Everett Basil
    DW: Lucia Melvina

    DS: Thomas Yarrow
    DD: Isadora Calliope: Reaped: Deceased
    DD: Zenobia Peridot
    DD: Alma Nerissa: Reaped: Won
    DS/DS: Julius Whim & Tertius Vick
    DD: Margaret Azura
    DS/DD: Sage Alaster & Lily Helena

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    District 6: Transportation
    (1/18 chance of participating in Hunger Games)

    Sympathize with President Snow

    LN: Jackson
    DH: Taran Aramis
    DW: Lovisa Octavie (Abernathy)
    DS: Alder Lysander
    DS: Talon Pollux
    DD: Venia Briony
    DS: Finnick Mardian
    DD: Alvy Rosaline
    DD: Liselle Mellerose (reaped for Hunger Games - did not survive)
    DS: Cato Wester
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    The Ivory Family, from District 7:

    Dad: Zaven Leandro Ivory
    Mom: Rosefina Luz Aurelius Ivory

    The Ivorys sympathize with Katniss Everdeen.

    Maris Enola
    Calliope Helva
    Bastian Thresh & Sedrick Peal - Sedrick was reaped for the Games. He did not survive.
    Melpomene Glow
    Artemisia Willow
    Caesar Flame
    Saffron Araminta - Saffron was reaped for the Games. She emerged as the Victor.

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    District 5 (Power). Your children have a 1/20 chance of participating in the Hunger Games.

    Who does your family sympathize most with?
    President Snow.

    LN: Cartwright

    Spouse 1: Michael "Mike" Allen Cartwright
    Spouse 2: Brianna Marie Cartwright (nee Hawthorne)

    DS: Thomas Alder Cartwright
    DD: Annarose "Anna" Lucia Cartwright
    DS: Horatio Tiberius Cartwright (Selected for the Hunger Games. Dies.)
    DS: Finnick "Finn" Otho Cartwright
    DS: Julius Vick Cartwright
    DD: Margaret "Maggie" Liselle Cartwright
    DD: Glory Maebry Cartwright

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