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    Thoughts about Asa?

    We love Asa for a boy, but are concerned it sounds too feminine. There's also the possible issue of the name resembling an unfavorable word, though we never saw it in that light until recently. We really love the following combos that go well with our last name:

    Asa Benjamin
    Asa Samuel
    Asa James

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    Asa might have a feminine sound, but the connotations are manly. I like your three combos, though Asa Samuel sounds a little s heavy.

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    What's the first initial of your surname and how many syllables does it have? I notice a theme of popular for the perennially popular and traditional.
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    I don't think Asa sounds feminine. It may lend itself to teasing, but he just as easily could become Ace. Asa James could be AJ. And by the time he's an adult and teasing is no longer a concern, Asa will sound intelligent and refined. I really like Asa, I hope you stick with it!

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    First letter is P. It's two syllables.

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