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    I've always heard it like ace-ah or "AY-sah" as scarletrune said, above. I think it does have the potential to be a little confusing, as the pronounciation is not obvious from the spelling. I do think that, with that pronounciation, the a$$ nns are not as obvious, at least for little kids who don't spell.

    Personally, I don't love it. For some reason, it's in the small category of Slightly Unusual But Trendy Biblical Names that I Should Love but Don't, along with Asher. In theory, I think it's a fine name. In reality, it annoys me.

    I don't like Asa Samuel, too much sss with the two 'sa' sounds right next to each other! Also, the ASP initials. Asa Benjamin and Asa James are fine combos.

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    I think it sounds extremely masculine. I like it w/Benjamin or James.

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    I think Asa is wonderful! I have only ever heard it pronounced Ay-suh as well. I'm not sure where these alternatives are coming from. I don't think it sounds feminine at all; it is a very strong and sturdy name in my opinion.

    I like Asa Benjamin the best, because I think the longer mn balances out the shortness of Asa, but Asa James is also nice. I like both Asa and Samuel separately, but there is too much 's' sound for my ears.
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    Asa is wonderful! The nn ace is pretty adorable on a little kid too Asa Benjamin is my pick.

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    As someone who grew up watching One Life To Live, Asa Buchanan was anything but feminine, and is the strongest image in my mind with this name. I adore Asa with the nickname "Ace". I like it paired with Benjamin and James, and am tossing out Asa Daniel as a suggestion.
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