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  • Cora

    26 41.27%
  • Coral

    8 12.70%
  • Coraline

    29 46.03%
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    Quote Originally Posted by elisabeth rae View Post
    I definitely vote Cora, or even Coralie. I think I'm in the namberry minority in that I don't really care for Coraline. It was made up just 10 years ago and is just too tied to the book/movie.
    It actually wasn't. Neil Gaiman thought he made the name up but then discovered that it was in fact a legit name with a history (he mentioned this in some interview awhile back). So while the book and movie definitely made the name more mainstream, the name didn't originate from them.

    Anyway, I would go with Coraline since you can use both Cora and Coral as nicknames. Unless you want to use a super long middle name, in which case I'd go for one of the two shorter names.

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    Cora, I like the simplicity of it.
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    My vote goes to Coral. It's most beautiful to me cause it feels naturey and vibrantly colorful. I never saw the movie Coraline, but somehow associate it as being gothy...I could be wrong, but that's my memory of it. Tim Burton or something? A cartoon, no? I would rather a name evocative of sunny brightness & the ocean, but that's just me. Cora is very sweet, but prim. I picture a Colonial girl & I think of the name Laura which I associate as shy & sweet.

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    Cora! It's simple and classic. Not a fan of Coral or Coraline.
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    I like all three, but I voted Coraline because you can always use Cora or Coral as a nn, and then you get to use two of them

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