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    My middle name, Lynn, is also my mother's middle name and her mother's as well.... it has always been expected that my first daughter will have the middle name of Lynn to carry on the tradition. However, I think it's terribly common and have never been fond of it!
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    Luckily I won't have to face this for a few more years. Our plan when the time comes is to not announce the name until after the baby is born. This way pesky relatives won't be able to do anything because it will be final

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    I didn't have any pressure to do so from my family, but it was an expectation that we name out first son after dh and his dad. I had to sort of push to get my way with that one. I love using family names but we put them in the middle

    For our kids they have 2 middle names...a first name that we love and think fits them, a "strech" family name in the middle (using a connection to a family name but not exact-that way we can pick what we love Using rearranged letters, same meanings, birth month, surname, occupation name, etc.) and the 2nd family name is after family.

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    I dont' have kids yet nor am I pregnant but since my cousin's kept with the family tradition of family themed mn's (all of my cousins' and second cousins) I am definitely expected to do so as well. But, lucky for me I love this tradition and I'm not limited to a name that already exists in the family, just one from a very particular culture. (Kinda like all mn have to be Swedish or old-school Irish).

    Maybe you can find something that you like that honors the spirit of your family without having to use actual names you don't absolutely adore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahmezz View Post

    I'm not keen on people naming their children after friends instead of family. I know it's their choice, but I've always thought family is more important. Same with choosing friends as godparents over siblings (the baby's aunt and uncle), but that's another story!
    That depends though, doesn't it!? not everyone is close with their family - I wouldn't want my mum and dad anywhere NEAR my children, and if you don't get along with your siblings, then you might not want them to be Godparents. I just don't think you can judge everyone on your own family relationships.

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