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    This is our mindset too. We would like names with a good meaning and ones that we think would best suit our children whether they be family names or not.

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    We definitely felt a little pressure on our son's name, and it took me awhile to be okay with it. Our son is the 5th Michael down the paternal line. I did like the name (and even more now that it's both my DH and my son's name!), but it's just soooo very common. No regrets though, since he got his own middle name. He gets called Michael Q. and Q-Man a lot, which I love.



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    I named my son Edward "Ned" and Elizabeth "Eliza" because we have so many Edwards and Elizabeths both in our families. My family goes back to pre-revolutionary colonial America. My late husband's was a very distant poorer cousin to British nobility. If I had others, they'd likely be named George or Mary. Nicknames have a way of easing the challenge of heritage and family obligation.
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    No pressure but I wanted to use family names. I only used names that I liked and I only used them with my first and second daughters. There weren't any family names left that I wanted to use with my 3rd and 4th daughters.

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    We didn't feel pressure. My father specifically told me he would NOT want us to name a child after him because he doesn't like his name (not that it mattered this time, our baby turned out to be a girl). My husband's family made jokes about us naming the baby after one of them, but they were only kidding. I'm sure it also helped that we 1) didn't find out the gender and 2) didn't discuss names with anyone. Sometimes people would ask "So, have you thought of any names yet?" to try to open up the conversation, but we just kept saying we were still thinking about it. We did give our daughter my grandmother's name as her middle name (my husband picked it, actually) and it ended up being significant to both sides of our family because it was my husband's great-grandma's confirmation name, but we didn't know that at the time. I am feeling pressure to pick something just as special and meaningful to both our families if we have a second daughter, but that's pressure I'm putting on myself. If we have a son, it'll be easy because we'd give him my maiden name as his middle. Husband's family tradition + my family name = done.

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