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    Do you have/did you have pressure to name after family?

    I'm not TTC yet, but I already feel pressure from relatives to give any future children family names. It's not like I don't love my relatives or don't want to honor them in some way, but my husband and I feel that our children should have their own individual names. This idea is mostly coming from my elderly relatives who have opinions about names and feel that a family name is best for a new baby. A few of them were annoyed when my cousin and his wife named their daughter after a close friend and only gave the baby her great-grandmother's name as a middle name. They later let it go when they were told the friend had passed away very tragically a month before their daughter's birth.

    My husband's family have a naming tradition that we actually like. The new baby is name using only initials of a relative or relatives who have passed. They never use the exact same name twice or name after anyone living. So if Great Grandfather Arthur passed away before a baby's birth and Aunt Lydia did as well a baby could be named Asher Lee or Lilly Ann, or any combination of those names beginning with either A or L. We like this tradition because our child will have their own name and it would be less confusing within our families.

    If we find out if we're expecting in the future we plan to keep all names secret until the birth. This way any naysayers can't persuade or guilt us into a name because it will be too late.

    Did you have pressure to name after family or give your baby an exact namesake? Are you also planning on not directly naming after family?

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    My father-in-law expects us to name our first son after him, but it's not happening. I'm not opposed to naming children after family, I just honestly don't like my fil's name.
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    No, we didn't have any pressure to name after family. My daugher's middle name is a family name but that's because it was important to me to use it.

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    Meh. Just because me and my siblings are all named after family members. I mean, my middle name is a maternal tradition, so first daughter gets Anne as a middle name. But it's not a family thing to name for family members; most of them have fairly common names, and despite being named after them me and my brothers are certainly the odd ones out as far as names go.

    I'm only 18, not TTC or pregnant or anything, so I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, but for right now I'll continue to find names that I love for the names, not the family.
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    I don't care for my relatives' names either. The names are pretty old fashioned and don't offer any appealing nicknames. I'm also not opposed to others naming after family. Husband and I just don't really like our relatives' names. Unfortunately my relatives see this as we don't like them for some ridiculous reason.

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