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    I'd honestly say that while Sunny is great on a little boy... I wouldn't want to be a 30 year old man named Sunny. I think it could be a great mn or nn, but I wouldn't want to have it as my first name. I always think the test for any name is to think whether or not it can fit a wide variety of people, and whether you think most people would like to have this name. After all, you have no idea what your son will grow up to be like. Sunny I'd find quite ironic on a pessimist, someone with depression, or an extremely strong man. If he's quite androgynous, he could easily be mistaken for a girl with that name. Moreover, I don't really see it fitting in in the professional world.
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    Not my style at all. It comes across as feminine to me. And if he ends up hating it, there are not many options.
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    My friend has a 6 year old called Sonny. He doesn't like his name because everyone at school calls him Sunshine and other similar names. I know kids can think of reasons to make fun of almost any name but some names are just easier than others.

    If you are going to use Sunny, I would suggest a more formal name for him to use if he doesn't like Sunny.

    I think any of these name work with the nickname Sunny...

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