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    Thoughts on Sunny?

    Hi All,

    I'd just LOVE to gauge others thoughts on the name 'Sunny' (with this spelling, not Sonny) for a boy. (But please don't be too scathing though if you don't like it!)

    My husband and I have very different points of view on names, with myself being very traditional (e.g. My favourites are Edward or Harrison) and his very 'modern' (e.g. He loves Bowie or Marlow). One name that we both have an appeal to is Sunny. I think this is very cute for a young boy and we know two other grown up men who have the name Sunny (and one more with Sonny) and this suits them to a tee, so as a grown up I think it is quite gorgeous too.

    To us it is not too obscure as we know other (grown ups) with this name - and the idea of our little ray of sunshine is very fitting....but I'm interested to know how others might perceive it.

    My husband loves it, I really think it is lovely too - but my only concern is if our son were to grow up and be in a very professional field, will the name still be lovely or will it seem silly? My husbands argument against that is that breadth of names now - this generation names like this, and different names will be so common place. And going through the list of names or our friends recent arrivals (and looking at the top 100 names recently posted on nameberry!) I can see he has a point.

    Anyway - please share your thoughts! TIA

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    Well, it's a bit of a hippie name to me, and I prefer it on a girl, but it's honestly kind of cute. However, for practicality alone, I'd try to find a longer name that Sunny could be a nickname for.

    But if you really just love Sunny, go for it.
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    I don't like obvious weather names, but Harrison Marlow sounds like a fascinating guy.

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    I think you should use it! I agree with your husband, people from our children's generation are going to be very used to all sorts of weird and wonderful names. By comparison to lots Ive heard recently Sunny is pretty tame!
    I know a little boy Sunny Bo who is adorable!
    I probably prefer the spelling Sonny on a boy but its not a deal breaker!
    I say go for it!!

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    Well, Sunny is a cute name but I feel it lacks strength for a grown-up. It's not what you would call a handsome name.

    Good luck!

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