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    Thoughts on this baby boy name?

    Hi all,

    FTM here . We just found out we are having a baby boy! I'm loving the name Remington (nn Remy). Just wondering what everyone's feedback is. Loving Brooks or Rome as a middle name (hubby and grandpa's middle names, respectively). Hubby's first name is a one of a kind so I'm liking the non-tradition route.


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    Why don't you look at the Nameberry entry for Remington? If it doesn't bother you, you could still consider it. I'm not sure another R middle name like Rome would work. I like that you're looking into your family and heritage to honor them.
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    I really like it (and am suprised at myself for doing so).
    Brooks seems too surnamey with Remington (his name will be 3 surnames)
    Remington Rome sounds quite dashing. I like it!

    Good luck!

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    I like it! I've actually heard it a few times for girls, but I always thought it was more of a boy name. Remy is adorable, and the name overall seems pretty versatile to me--I could see it on a variety of ages. I like both Remington Brooks and Remington Rome, but I'm not a huge fan of alliteration so I'm going to vote for Brooks.

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    I think Remington is a darling name. The fact that Remy serves as a cute nickname option is even better! I think Brooks and Rome would both be nice middle names. My vote is for Remington Brooks, though. I just like it better than the repeated "R" names.
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