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    I like Imogen and Celia quite a bit, but Cecilia is my favourite. I think its gorgeous and fits your other kids' names very well! I think Maggie is really cute too! Have you considered it as a nickname? Maybe for Margaret or Magdalen/a or Magnolia?
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    I like both Celia and Imogen. I think I prefer Celia. By itself. It's sweet and simple and lovely. And I wouldn't worry about it being an anagram of Alice. It's not as if that's why you chose it, and the sounds are so different, I don't think anyone will think they're too matchy. Best of luck!!

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    Imogen is a lovely name and I can totally picture a little Imogen tagging along after big sis Alice and big brother Harry...such a great sibset. I think letting your husband have the family middle and getting the first you really want is worth it in the long run even though it can be frustrating! Lucy is also great with you little ones names but if you husband is really over it than why push the issue if you love Imogen? Btw your children have fabulous names!
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    I love love love Imogen

    If the middle name is what is troubling you, would another form of Christine work for you, or must it be Christine exactly? Otherwise, other options could include:

    Imogen Christa Took
    Imogen Christobel Took
    Imogen Kristen Took
    Imogen Christiane Took
    Imogen Christel Took
    Imogen Stina Took

    Understandable if this doesn't work for you, but thought it might open up some new options
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    Wow! Such a huge divide between Celia and Imogen in the responses. Thank you all! A few responses for you...

    My MIL name is Christine and my name is Kirsten (pronounced KER-STEN). I actually hadn't thought of mixing up the middle name as my other two children have complete family names (my mum is Heather and my hubby's grandfather is George), so trying to mix it up may look more like a blend of my name and my MIL. Not sure if I'm keen....

    I do agree with emsky that Cecelia just seems frilly, too long, or just too much of a mouthful next to Alice and Harry. And nn CC would be off=putting but not a deal breaker for me.

    When we were considering the option of Maggie, we would not do a longer version. This, again, is my husband's reasoning - if you are always going to call them by the shortened version, why bother with a different version. This is the total reason why we chose Harry and not Harrison. But having said that, I am reluctant to use Maggie as its another "ie" sounding name and as I mentioned before, I would love #3 to have its own stand alone name. Like Imogen or Celia.

    So very much appreciate everybody's feedback! We have about 9 months to still look out for a poll for boys and girls names as we won't be finding out the sex so it will be up for discussion till labour!
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