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    I love both Celia and Imogen, though I'm not as fond of Cecelia. I agree with an above poster, however that Cecelia Christine sounds best. As for the Alice and Celia issue, I didn't even notice it until you pointed it out and I think they sound different enough that only the odd person will notice it. Additionally, it would be a cute way to link the girls as sisters.
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    Well, I'm gonna sit here and pull for my name, (Cecilia; this is also the original spelling and I vastly prefer it), so bear with me.

    I go by Celia most of the time, not because I ask to be called that, but because I REFUSE to be a CC and Celia is less of a mouthful, so people default to that. I have had very few people straight up PICK a nickname for me upon hearing my name; they ALWAYS ask, so don't worry about nicknames, pick one you like. I also have a list of nicknames if you don't like CC.

    Celia being an anagram of Alice is actually kind of cute, I think. They have very different sounds so it isn't an issue, just a cool thing.

    Christine as a middle name flows fine. Celia Christine Took. Cecilia Christine Took.

    Also, I think that Lucy goes best with your other two children's names. I throw them all into my 'Lightly British Classics' category. Alice, Harry, and Lucy is an awesome sibset. Celia/Cecilia would feel out of place to me (Not a big deal AT ALL, just throwing it out there).

    I'm not a fan of Imogen, but then I don't know how to pronounce it (lawl...).
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    Personal reasons aside (my name is Imogen haha) I prefer Imogen. Imogen Christine flows and it avoids alliteration in the fn and mn. Unless you're into that sort of stuff!
    Are you a fan of double middles? Imogen Lucy Christine is pretty combo or even get rid of Imogen and have Lucy Christine! I'm starting to think I like Lucy the best now, but it could clash with the 's' sound in Alice and the 'ee' sound in Harry. then again, I could be thinking to much into it.. gorgeous sibsets btw!
    Maggie is adorable, but it does seem more like a nn to me. although Harry also seems more of nn of Harrison, so Maggie could fit in nicely!
    Cecelia seems too dated, whereas Celia seems more vintage and classic. If you were to choose between these two I'd opt for Celia

    hope this helped

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    Quote Originally Posted by ktook76 View Post
    Last name is Took (pronounced with a hard oo sound like Cook)

    I love the flow of Cecelia or Celia Took and Imogen Took but it loses its flow when the mn Christine is added in.
    However, it's one of those situations that I may just have to accept as its a family name. Plus, people won't know middle name in a day-to-day situation.

    My hubby dislikes Flora. We have a brand of margarine/butter called Flora and that all he can think of!

    With my added comments any other thoughts??

    Definitely go with Imogen. Please refer to my earlier response. Imogen Christine Took > Celia Christine Took. There are less minuses with Imogen than Celia. Best of luck.
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    I actually think it's cute for their names to be anagrams! It's a nice tie in, but not blatantly obvious. Plus Alice and Celia are very different in feel, though similar in composition.

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