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    I find the connotation of having to do with thorns off putting to say the least. I don't like this name much for either gender. One of the supreme court justice's name is briar spelled Breyer. I would go with that spelling for a boy. I would prefer Brian or Brye on its own. I know a Bry in real life.

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    Ooh! I quite like it. I can see it going either way gender-wise, but it's a very solid name, strong connotation. A boy could wear it handsomely, I think.

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    I think it works for both boys and girls but I did automatically think girl when I saw the name. I think that association is purely because of Briar Rose.
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    I grew up with a guy named Briar, so it's always been a boys name for me.
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    I love Briar for a boy, it's been on my list since reading 'Circle of Magic' as a kid and it's still there.
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