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    If I could only find a name I like that meets this criteria...

    Here's what I'm looking for in a boys name...

    Appropriate for business as an adult (i.e. not a made up embarrassing name)

    Not traditional (Traditional for me would be Joseph, Michael, James, Robert) and not an ultra trendy overused name either. Somewhere in the middle.

    Has a cool nickname for friends and family

    Here is what I have on my list that we like so far (none of these have nicknames)


    Thanks in advance for any suggestions !

    --Great suggestions from recent posters...thank you!

    What do you think of Brayden Asher or Tucker Chase?
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    Hm...this is a fun challenge. Here are some ideas, but most of the "nicknames" would just be the first syllable of the name:

    Harland ("Harley")
    Leland ("Lee")
    Greshom ("Gresh")
    Nikolai ("Nick," "Niki")
    Jasper ("Jas")
    Westley ("Wes")
    Keifer ("Keif")
    Hanson ("Hans")
    Bryson ("Bryce")
    Garvey ("Garv")
    Lincoln ("Link")
    Walker (?)
    Chandler ("Chance"?)

    Good luck!
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    Hmm. I'm not sure I quite have the same sense of things. For me, Brayden, Bryce, and Brody are...testing the limits of "appropriate for business as an adult." By traditional do you mean names like Michael and Christopher, or do you mean anything at all classic like Adrian, Dean or Elijah? I think some examples of what you mean by each of your criteria could be helpful. Anyhow, here are some maybes:

    Asher (nn Ash)
    Beckett (nn Beck)
    Carlisle (nn Lyle)
    Cobalt (nn...Coby? I dunno)
    Conrad (nn Rad)
    Desmond (nn Dez, Desi)
    Everett (nn Rett)
    Hudson (nn Sonny)
    Osborne (nn Oz, Ozzie)
    Redmond (nn Red)
    Vaughn (...sorry, no nickname)

    I'm not sure I've pegged what you're looking for. Sorry if I missed the mark, and best of luck!!

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    I know a Brayden who has the nickname Bray, I always thought it was cool
    The 3 Princesses in my life...

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    Which do you like better?

    Brayden Asher or Tucker Chase
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