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    A nickname for Persephone could be Sephy?

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    I love Daphne!

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    Seeing as you have already have a daughter with an A name I wouldn't go for Ariadne. I really like Penelope or Persephone. You could use Sephy as a nickname for Persephone.

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    Thank you all SO much for all the help! Margaret is officially out. It was my partner's suggestion (his grandmother) and I never even thought about the meaning. We will use Imogen Pearl for the middles, which I'm thrilled about because Imogen has been a favorite of mine for a very long time. Philomena is also out - too matchy.

    valentine - I LOVE Delphine! He doesn't care for it though so unfortunately it's not an option.
    ysaline - my niece's name is Maia so we can't use this one either.
    mischa - love your suggestions, especially Hermione! I can't believe I didn't already have this one on my list.

    We've narrowed it down to three: Daphne, Persephone (nn Seffi) and Hermione. It's not one definite pick but it is a start, so thank you for the guidance!
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    Calliope -- I can go either way. Hard to picture another nickname. Cal? Cappie? No idea.
    Ariadne -- Favorite. Love love love. Exciting but not too over the top.
    Daphne -- Very cute name. Love it.
    Penelope (nn Nell) -- Cute. Not my fave, but a good name.
    Persephone (dislike Percy as a nn as well, are there any other nicknames?) -- Don't really love Persephone's mythology, and I also feel like it's the best known... Not in love.
    Philomena (nn Mena) -- I knew a girl named Philly (short for Philomena) who I did not like and so my judgment is impaired.

    Favorites are Ariadne and Daphne. Best of luck!!

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