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    3 weeks to go- narrowed down to 3 names

    New post because last night my husband vetoed all names on our list besides these three, so I suppose we are left with our final three. Please vote and help us choose which of these fits best with our girls' names, Sophie and Violet.

    Also, I would love to know how many kids you know personally with these three names, especially those of you in the US (we are on the west coast). My husband does not care at all if we use a popular/common name but I do. I would love as much input into this as possible. Thank you!

    Edited to add: this was meant to be posted as a poll but I must have messed it up somehow and can't figure out how to add a poll once it's been published... So the three names left on our list are:


    I may repost this as a separate poll later... Sorry for the mess up.
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    All great choices, but I adore James with your girls.

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    I personally like all three names, but think Jack and James go better with your girls' names! I'm in the UK, so this doesn't necessarily reflect well, but I know personally about 3 Jacks and about 4 James' and a Jamie.
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    One of my all time favourite names is James. It is so handsome, strong and fantastic. I love it and I am sure that most of the world would also.

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    I love Jack!

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