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    Full names for Freddie?

    I like the idea of a Fred- name, but I don't like Frederick or Alfred. Any other names that suit my classic style of names?

    Thank you!

    Jude, blackbird.

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    I'm assuming you're looking for boy names, but I just thought I'd throw out there that I've seen the name Winifred nn Fred.

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    hmmm that's a hard one, how about.....

    Gottfried/Godfried/Godtfred/Goffredo (all the same name, spelling variants based on language I can't decide which one is best)
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    Gilfred -- one who has taken an oath of peace
    Linfred -- gentle peace
    Manfred -- man of peace
    Renfred -- lasting peace
    Ulfred -- peaceful wolf
    Walfred -- to rule
    Wilfred -- desiring peace
    Winfred -- friend -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Why don't you do a Super Search on this site with names containing "fred"?
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