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    Step Parent Adoption Name Change- Complicated

    My DH is adopting my two children (DS 8, DD 11). He just so happens to have the same last name as my DS has for a first name. We are tackling this issue as sensitively as possible since DS really wants the last name and doesn't want the same first and last name!! DS and i have been pouring over the name books looking for names he likes as possible first names. Middle name #1 is Howard after a dear beloved grandfather. He likes the first names Hank, Clement, Camlo, Darwin, Verden, Bryce, Castel, Abner, Bertram, Lowell, Ballad, Violi, Zaffiro, and Oak. DH and i would add to that list Rhodes, Griffin, Valor, Phoenix, Apollo, Darby, Sawyer, and Anders. (We all have very different tastes!) DS seems to like Clement the best and i think we all agree that is a really nice name.

    We are looking for a name that goes nicely with Clement Howard and has meaning-- all our names have nature in them somewhere, incidentally, even DH! Trees, geography, nature, all are fair game. Alternately, we could be happy to represent one of our initials L, V, or A. Best of both worlds would incorporate both and still sound good (i.e.- Arbor, Lake)


    Thank you so much!! (DD is way easier-- we are just adding a middle name for her that we choose together)

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    Clement Howard Oak would be a good choice since it's on your son's list for first names

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    I think this is great! If anyone calls him by his old first name, it's still his last name. Lots of people get called by their last name.

    Before you settle on a name, I'd spend a few days calling him by that name to make sure it works for all of you.

    From your list, Griffin is my favorite. Griffin Howard Oak sounds handsome.
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    Exactly!! I figured he would still be called by his original first name and that in high school is so typical-- calling boys by their last names!! I don't think it even matters if he uses his new first name right away. It is as useful as a future name for diplomas and job applications, etc. Names are so pliable in actual use.

    I like Griffin Howard Oak!

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