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    My DH has three children from two previous relationships. After he had his third child, he was sure he was done and was looking into getting a vasectomy when his wife at the time told him she was leaving. He met me 5 months after she left and I was very vocal from the time I met him that I wanted children. At first he was not so sure, but he eventually decided he wanted not one, but at least two more! TTC was hard enough, and I am really glad that we didn't have yet another obstacle thrown our way in the form of a vasectomy. I'm not sure if we'll ever decide for him to get a vasectomy or for me to get my tubes tied. I would be happy with several more children, so I guess we will see what the future holds.
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    We are both 34, and DH got the V almost a month ago. So far, so good. Although I was freaking out the first time after that it would explode or something.

    Read up on "tubal ligation syndrome" before considering it. For us, it was less expensive, less invasive, and DH's chance to do something after all my pregnancies and births.
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    Gemma was my 5th child. We decided to call it good, and I had planned on getting my tubes tied the day after having her. That plan got derailed since I was so sick with asthmatic bronchitis that they wouldn't risk using anesthesia on me. My husband was also planning on getting "snipped" as it were on top of me getting my tubes tied. He went ahead with his procedure and afterward told me not to get mine done. He said he heard it hurt a hell of a lot more for my procedure as an outpatient procedure than his. He was worried partially about my comfort but practically he didn't want me to be laid up for an extended period. He's a full time student, though this is his final week, and we have nobody who could watch the kids that long every weekday while I healed and tended a newborn. Part of me does want to be able to dream about having another baby someday, but realistically my great concern is that I want to be present for all my kids. Having more would spread me too thin I fear. I don't want them to feel for a moment that they are lost in a sea of faces. Plus I'm 32 now, my last two pregnancies had me as gestational diabetic, I was insanely tired the whole time, and honestly I just don't know if I should put my body through it again.
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    A childless friend of mine in his early 30s just got snipped a few weeks ago, so for sure someone would do the same for your husband. I am so incredibly against putting hormonal bc into my body as I react to it horribly...oh, and I'm allergic to I have been working on my husband to do it once we're done having kids, but he's not into it. For myself, I would consider tubal ligation if my final pregnancy resulted in a c-section so they were in there anyway, aside from that, no way! I think it's a personal choice for your husband to make, or you to make if you're willing to do it.

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    Hi, I'm new here so I apologize for replying to something that was brought up a couple weeks ago.

    My husband and I decided he would have a vasectomy in 2006 when I was just turning 25 and he was 26. We had two kids and had decided we were DONE and felt positive about this decision.

    Well, now a few years down the road we are regretting it. We felt fine with the decision for several years and then suddenly both had a change of heart.

    Considering how expensive and risky it could be if we decide to have him get a vasectomy reversal, I wish we would have waited and just used some other form of birth control. Bottom line: when you are young, you just never know how life might change down the road and how you might feel at that point.

    Sigh... Best wishes and good luck to you and your family on this decision, if it has not been made already!

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