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    My husband nearly got a vasectomy after his second child when he was 25, thank goodness he didn't because he got divorced and we (I am his second wife) plan on having children...he is now 39. (He still wants that vasectomy someday, maybe I'll be cool with it once he hits 50 haha) My recommendation is an IUD, they make them with and without hormones.

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    My DH and I have two daughters (6&3) and are currently expecting twins. Because we are HIGHLY fertile and constantly fear a surprise pregnancy, once these babies are here and we have FOUR kiddos I'm thinking of getting my tubes tied if a c-section is required (hopefully not) and DH is planning on a vasectomy AND I'm considering staying on hormonal birth control since I prefer having a regular cycle that it creates. That might seem like overkill, I guess, but when I'm done, I don't want any surprises.

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    Okay, I really feel like I need to chime in here, because we just went through a successful vasectomy reversal.

    My husband and I were quite young when we had our first three kids, all in rapid succession. When our third was born, my husband was 26, employed full-time and getting an MBA in the evenings. I'd finished my undergrad early and was at home with the kids, though I had a short stint working part-time during pregnancy #3. I was not a huge fan of the idea of his getting a vasectomy at 26, but he was "sure" he wouldn't want any more children, even if we all died suddenly or something. And I was exhausted from being an (mostly) at-home parent. We tried the mirena IUD (he said he could feel it!), the patch, and even looked at NFP (yikes, that was not going to work for us!) in addition to the pill (I was trying to get away from my tendency to make mistakes w/ the pill, and also the hormone factor). So I ended up saying OK and he had the surgery.

    Fast forward 6 years? Totally changed my mind, and so did he. Fortunately his reversal was a smashing success, but you SHOULD NOT expect that to be the case. Vasectomy reversal is much more expensive than the original vasectomy, and most people do not have an awesome sperm count immediately like he did, if ever. And in addition to that, patency rates are not the same as pregnancy rates.

    What I will say is this: it is VERY overwhelming to have babies and toddlers, and although I loved them very much, for many years I fantasized about getting away from them. Now that they are all in early elementary, I feel radically different from when they were all at the poo-slinging stage at once.
    If you are young (i.e., mid-twenties), permanent birth control isn't a good call. Do something else (and be careful about it) for at least five years, then re-evaluate!
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    We want another child that we'll probably start ttc in the next year or so. Beyond that I would like a fourth but my husband isn't so sure. When we are done he'll probably have a vasectomy since it is an easier procedure. I think we'll wait until a while after any baby is born to make the final decision. Adding a new baby to your household his rough and throws life off for awhile.
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    have you considered a copper IUD? that would give you 10 years of bc with no hormones and if you decide you do want more kids, then you have it removed any time. I've had mine for 4 years now with no issues. I could never tolerate hormonal bc very well so I feel your pain
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