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    May 2013
    Ella Nelson is beautiful!!
    I really like
    Ella Rose
    Ella Mae
    Ella June
    Ella Rae
    Ella Blue
    Ella Magnolia
    Ella Madeline
    Ella Jojephine
    Ella Juliette
    Ella Rosalind
    Ella Penelope

    Good luck!!
    “The kindest words my father said to me
    Women like you drown oceans.”

    ~ Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey

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    Ella is lovely. Use it without concern, especially since you love it so much.

    I like Ella Caroline
    Current Favorites:
    Elizabeth Lily nn Ellie
    Mary Emmeline nn Maisie
    Sarah Evangeline nn Sadie

    Nathaniel nn Nate

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    Ella is great, and I love it with Silas. It's beautiful and classy. It needs no longer name, though I do love Eleanor nn Ella.
    I kind of like that Ella Nelson shares the L in each part, and Silas Nelson shares the S.

    It'd be very sweet to give her a longer, more unusual middle like Josephine from above.

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    Ella is a great name and it sounds great with both your last name, and your sons name. The only thing I would stay away from is the combo Ella Lilliana.... thats way to L heavy. It's practically a tongue twister. lol (:
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    Go with Ella! Don't worry about popularity just go with your heart. I knew an Ella and she was a stunner blonde, charismatic personality, the popular girl, a real winner.
    Psalm 23

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