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    Do you think using classic names right now is a trend?

    I have always liked older, vintage, classic names and named my daughter Camille over 3 years ago and the runner up name was Hazel, a family name. Now we are having another girl and want to use Hazel but I know it seems to be "trendy" right now (at least on here) and I think it may bother me if it continues to be or turns into one of those popular, trendy names. Do you think these types of names are just popular right now (Cora, Eloise, Alice, Ruby, etc) or that they will continue to be? Hard to know!

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    It's not a matter of what anyone thinks - statistically they are gaining popularity very rapidly right now, yes.
    Alice and Ruby especially have been very popular in the UK for a while now, and the US is certainly catching on. But names are popular for a reason, and it tends to be because they're beautiful.

    Sisters named Camille and Hazel sound wonderful together. I can't imagine either even becoming top-10 popular, but why would it matter anyway? It makes them no less special.

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    True. Nice perspective! I think I am done thinking about it haha.

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    Hmmm, I do think there is a trend towards "old lady" names, some of which may be classics, so you can expect some older classics to rise. However, the popularity of these names seems to be inflated on sites like Nameberry. I don't know anyone in real life who has named their daughters the names you mentioned. The youngest Alice I know is in her 30s, though that may be different where you live.

    Personally, I think Hazel is lovely and so is Camille.
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    Yes, there is a trend in vintage names at the moment, especially in the UK and some other Commonwealth countries. Classic names can't be trendy by definition! But I don't think a lot of vintage names, like the ones you mentioned, will ever be truly trendy- I would have trouble guessing the age of a Alice, Ruby or Hazel but I could pretty accurately guess how old a Brian, Michelle or Jazzlyn would be. Your names are good, decent names. I don't think you have anything to be worried about!

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