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    double name for Emily?

    I like the name Emily, but there are so many out there. I want to put a little twist on it and am trying to think of short double names. That way, Emily won't turn her head in a crowd as much when someone yells "Emily!" If another short name was tacked on, she could know for sure when people were talking to her. However, I also worry that double names can be a mouthful, esp. with a three-syllable like Emily in front, and worry it might grow awkward as Emily introduces herself as an adult because lots of people don't "get" double names.

    Any other double-name folks out there who can weigh in on how hard it is to introduce yourself, then get the message across that your name is a double and get people to stick with it?

    Is Emily too long to tack on a quick one syllable double name?

    Here are ones I like so far, but I'm open to others. One syllable would be best.
    Emily Kate
    Emily Tate (I know Tate's a guy's name but I think it's cool!)
    Emily Rose (another lovely, but frequently used, one)
    Emily Reese


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    I like Emily Rose from your list! Emily is a long one to tack on a second name, but I think people will just get used to it. I like some longer double-barrel first names too. Emily would be beautiful with a second half.

    Other suggestions:

    Emily Mae
    Emily Anne
    Emily Jane
    Emily Fern
    Emily Faye
    Emily Beth

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    I second Emily Ann. I also like Emily Rose, but I have to admit: every Emily I do know has the middle name Rose! Great minds think alike? Emily Kate/Tate are nice as well.

    I don't have a double first name, but people often call me by my full name, or first and middle together. I just have a name that flows. My friends say they enjoy saying my name even though it's technically common.

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    I love Emily Kate. I also love Emma Kate. Emma is also popular so a double-barrel would be cute with Emma as well and less of a mouthful than Emily. I've always loved the name Emma but my DH has a cousin named Emma so we can't really use it. Emily Jane would be my second favorite.

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