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    Caroline VS Charlotte? Which and Why?

    Between these two, which do you prefer and why?
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    I prefer Charlotte. I like the sound in general better, and for some reason Caroline feels a bit dated to me. I also prefer the nickname options for Charlotte - Char, Charlie, and especially Lottie! Love it! I know it's on the rise as far as popularity goes, but I feel like it will always be classic (on-trend, not trendy). But go with what you love! That's most important!


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    Gosh, it's so hard to choose! I love Caroline just a little bit more than Charlotte, but I can't really explain why. I think I like the crisp sound a bit better. They are both gorgeous, though! I have to say I like the nickname Carrie (if you are going to use a nickname) better than Charlie or Lottie.
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    Caroline, since it's now not as popular as Charlotte.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I prefer Charlotte in general. It just seems softer and sweeter and more selfless, and while I like Caroline (and love the nn Cara!), I can't help but think of the stuck-up, oh-so-frustrating Caroline Bingley that I always wanted to just kill whenever I read Pride and Prejudice, haha. She's so awful! Caroline is lovely, though, and I think it's lovely for you (Caroline Eva? Maybe? For some reason I just love that combo for you!), and I love meeting little girls named Caroline.

    Plus, I adore the nns Lola and Lottie for Charlotte!
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