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    Why don't you look at the long term, say 30 years on the Social Security names site? You can see if a name is becoming more or less popular than just a decade or so. If the possibility of having an overused, common name for your child still lingers, you can look into Linda and Pam's latest e-book Off the Grid. You might also use the name despite the ups-and-downs of what's in or out of fashion.
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    Well, I have an Alice and a Harry and both of these are distinctly, classic, old people names! My daughter is nearly 4 and at the daycare she goes to, the director has been in child care for over 15 years and has never taught another Alice!
    I simply like classic names. I like names that are suitable for a baby and an adult, that are straightforward to spell, you can identify immediately if they are a boy or a girl. I don't think it's a trend. I think the are simply beautiful names that stand the test of time. I think these are two of them!
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    vintage, classic names? yes!

    i have fallen in love with vintage and classic names like: Charlotte or Oliver. i think some vintage names are adorable and yeah, i think it is becoming a trend. i like older names because i dont like super popular names. they are unique names and thats why i think alot of people are turning to classic names, to be unique.

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post
    Yes, there is a trend in vintage names at the moment, especially in the UK and some other Commonwealth countries. Classic names can't be trendy by definition!
    Agree! And I also don't think a lot of the vintage names will get super popular (Agatha, Margot, Henrietta, etc.). But I think some of them may continue to grow in popularity (Ruby, Ivy, Penelope), just based on the fact that some already have (Isabella, Sophia, Olivia). It's a matter of what will have pop appeal--and that can be tricky to predict.
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    Classic names are always in style so by their timeless definition they rise above any trend. However, vintage names and nature names are trending up in the polls in some countries. I think nature names have a stronger case for gaining steam because some vintage names are an acquired taste. And I should caution you: what you see on Nameberry doesn't always reflect what is happening in the real world. Nameberries are very knowledgeable about name trends but whether our tastes translate to the mainstream is another matter.
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