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    I love irmgard-theodorian's suggestions: Dean and Holden came to mind for me as well (I too am a Supernatural fan). Noah and Rhys are both just a little too soft for me.
    I also thought of Carver, Shane, Roman, Finn, Knox, Heath, Emmett, Victor, Joel, Casey, Gabriel, Ezra, Markus.

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    I definitely love Roman, and Emmett has always been a favorite. Thank you for the suggestions!

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    I like Noah and reminds of a troubled boy I once saw on TV I also really like Dean which also reminds me of someone. Rhys is also good as its quie a popular name and has a nice sound to it. Im not sure Max fits so well. Names I can suggest are Grant, Luke and Jace.

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    Noah, Max, Rhyse are all middle aged men or unfortunate babies. i think Mack or Mac (a less middle-aged Max) is a good idea, though.

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