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    Yes, especially when they are put together like that. However Mark and Adam are more common so they seem less Biblical to me, if that makes sense?
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    Mark and Adam, no because they are so mainstream
    Ezra and Micha, I don't necessarily think biblical, but I might think the parents were either Jewish or Evangelical Christian.
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    Mark and Adam don't seem biblical to me because they are so common. Ezra probably should, but it is pretty popular with name nerds, so I think of it more as part of the August/Jasper/Finn crowd. Micah makes me think biblical, for sure. I've never known a secular Micah.

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    Mark & Adam no — they've long become secular names.

    Micah and Ezra have more a modern history of usage as English given names so the Biblical / religious connections are much stronger. To give you an example, outside the Jewish faith they are probably only used in North America where people are much more religious. In Europe these names sound strange, almost like "Buddah" or "Christ".
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    Mark- Yes
    Ezra- No
    Micah- No
    Adam- Yes
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