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    32 Weeks and NO GIRL NAME! Help!

    Hubby's picks are : Atley, Hadley and Arianna

    Some that I like are : Gemma, Summer, Zoey, Annabelle, Adeline

    Sister's name is Isla Rae

    The only name we can SOMEWHAT agree on is Atley MN Grace to make it a little more Feminine since it's traditionally a male name

    Can anyone come up with a couple names that are a happy medium? Every name I throw at DH he puts down. I just want some fresh ideas to throw at him, he doesn't seem to like the old lady names, he seems to lean toward modern-ish names, but I don't like "made up" names. I can be more flexible than him but I'm still not sold on Atley. What do you think of the name Atley Grace for a girl?



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