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    I think Vaughn is a Beautiful Strong name with Margaret it adds softness with a vintage feel. Any of those choices are beautiful except I'm not very fond of the last choice. But ultimately name her what feels right! What makes you and your husband happy!

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    Maeve Amelia is stunning! Two gorgeous names. Vaughn on a girl is terrible, in my opinion. It would sound like you have two boys. I do love Margaret, but I am not crazy about it paired with Maeve. Margaret Amelia would also be lovely.

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    Maeve Amelia is beautiful and my favorite!

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    Thanks everyone for your input! I love all of the responses. I think we have narrowed it down to Maeve Amelia or Maud Allyn (yes, Allyn is a family name). The more I hear/see Maeve the more I like it!

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