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    Middle name for Sloane (starting with A)

    I'm searching for a middle name for Sloane that starts with an A. My ideal (if my husband agrees) is to name our baby girl after my two grandmothers (Sylvia and Anne), but initials only (S and A). I'd like a name that is more than one syllable (since Sloane is only one syllable). Our last name is two syllables.

    I'm liking Alexandra, Alexis, Alexa... Maybe Amelia... But I would prefer something old fashioned or even traditional. My little boy is Miles Walter and I want it to work with that as well.

    Any help is very welcome! Thank you!

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    Sloan (S or A) (2 syllable surname). Off the top of my head, I think of Adrienne and Annabel. I'd definitely go with a 3 syllable middle name to keep the syllable count differing and more importantly interesting (1-3-?) or at least two to vary from the short first name. Why don't you do a Super Search of A names with 2 or 3 syllables? You can narrow it down by Origin to give a nod your or your partner's cultural heritage.
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