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Thread: River and Maple

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    River and Maple

    I am about to find out boy or girl and having a super hard time with boy names. I posted another thread about boy names and people suggested River, which I love, but husband didn't. Well, he seems to be softening slightly so I am cautiously adding it to my list (of basically zero for boy names). I am a little worried it is not masculine enough for a boy - do you think that is true? Will he be teased on the playground? I have a girl called Maple so shouldn't be worried, but somehow think girls can carry off an unusual, nature name better. I guess River is not that uncommon though.

    Does having kids called Maple and River make me sound like a hippy? Lol, I don't really mind, but curious if I send out a major earthy vibe!

    The other name on the list is Henry, which is my husbands name (although he goes by a nickname). I like it, but it kind of bores me to reuse a name with all the choices out there.
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    Well the nature theme of your children's name is would be really obvious and not at all subtle. If you don't mind it, it's your call. Why don't you look at other lists on here? Yes there are the Nature Names list and even the Unusual Nature Names but you could also look at others on the Unusual list to see if they pique your interest. Although it's often easier to find what we like than don't like, you could browse and expand your options.
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    I have a son named River who is 8 years old and I get soooo many compliments on his name and he has never been teased.
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    It would seem hippie-ish, to be honest. Not necessarily a bad thing, but could be a bit obvious. Nature names seem a bit unisex to me in general. Some other suggestions...

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    I don't think he would be teased, but River and Maple together does have a bit of a nature, hippy vibe. I think that's ok though. I actually like both of those names and nature names are usually nms.

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