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    I think even with classic names parents may be worried if it's in the top 10 since nobody really wants their child to be Emily J or anything. I don't think an Amelia and Emily in one family is an issue. But in our family we have a lot of exact duplicate names. I share a name with my SIL and my SIL's husband shares a name with my husband. Oh and my daughter is the fourth Mary lastname currently living however she is the only person who really is just called Mary since most either use their middle name with it, go by their middle name or everyone just calls them Grandma/Great-Grandma. But it works and really isn't that confusing.
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    Florence is lovely. Go for it!
    As for me, me name is Sierra. Pretty. Kind of common for my age group, but still distinctive. Only thing is, I never see my name on the mugs and keychains you see in stores. But that isn't too bad. When I was little, I sometimes resented my name because you can't make a non-ghetto nickname with it and because it was sort of uncommon in my school. I wanted a more common name. But mostly I like it. People compliment it. It has grown on me through the years. My sister's name is Jennifer Olivia though. So common! But it fits her, so I guess it is fine .
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    LOL.. I love ranting sometimes. Feels great .

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    I am strange, I think. Because I am the only person I know that loves the name Emily, but cannot even kind of like Emma or Amelia. Intellectually I think it would make more sense if I liked all three or disliked all three, you know?

    But I only like Emily.

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