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    I agree, using the name isn't worth upsetting the in-laws if they feel so strongly about it. I love the name Juliet, but would never be able to use it for the same reason.

    I really like the suggestion of using Cameron. I've always liked that name and to me it's very unisex.
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    I rarely think that you should change your choice due to the objections of outside people, but this one I'd just change to be polite. There are plenty of cool names out there, you can find something different enough. You wouldn't want negative feelings to surround your child's name... in the end, that's really not a fair burden to put on your child. And it would be a bit insensitive to say "Just buck up and get over it..." She went through h***... gotta respect that.
    Gender bending is NMS at all, but what about Clancy, Corbin, Caelum (Kai lum, Latin for sky), Cai, Cian, Ciaran (this one could work well, I think), Caillou, Casey, Cavan, Conley, Casper, Cruz, Cameron, or Camden?
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    Caelan maybe?
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    Yeah, I definitely wouldn't use it. It has a lot of baggage and I wouldn't want to do that to my in-laws.

    I'm suggesting Corbie. My sister just named her daughter that and it's adorable and very similar to Cody.

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