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    My long-term ex-boyfriend cheated on me years ago and although I've happily moved on, I shudder every time I see the other woman's name, so I understand how your SIL feels. To be honest, I think Cody sounds a little dated. What about Cady? It's not as unisex but it is spunky.
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    That is what I am afraid of.

    Unfortunately, my neighbor's name is Cori and my DH wouldn't go for it, he doesn't like her too much. Any other suggestions? Keep in mind my other daughters names are Charleigh (pronounced Charlie) and Carson. So no girly names please. Thanks for the suggestions though.

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    Oh, how utterly ridiculous! Not to mention rude. What you name your child is nobody's call but your own. Your in-laws are being petty, silly, and appallingly childish. Use the name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kibby View Post
    Although it may have been a short marriage, scars like that can run deep, do you want your mother in law and sister in law to wince every time they hear your daughters name and be reminded of a very difficult time in their lives? As much as they could just get over it, maybe it might be better to move onto a different C name, or at least try to!
    I agree with this.
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    I was fully prepared to come on this thread and say, 'hell no - just ignore them', but now I've read the reason why I kinda agree with them.

    This name brings bad awful memories for your SIL, painful ones, and you don't want your SIL or your other ILs to relate your daughter's name to such a painful time do you?
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