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    Elwood's twin sister??

    Elwood is for sure the boy of our b/g twins. I would like to choose a girls name that starts with E as well. I'm not a big fan of Emma or Emily, but don't mind similar names.

    My list:
    Elwood & Emerson
    Elwood & Emery
    Elwood & Emerald
    Elwood & Emmelynn or Emelyn
    Elwood & Elise

    What are some other great E names? & Feel free to play with middle names for boy and girl!


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    Congratulations on your twins!
    Some E name suggestions - Eden, Edith, Edwina, Eilish (AY-lish), Eilwen, Emmanuelle, Emmaline/Emmeline, Erinna, Estelle, Esther, Evelyn, Eva/Eve/Evie, Eualia, Evaline, Evanthe, Evelia, Evelina, Emilia, Evangeline, Etta, Evianna, Eugenia, and Everly.
    Hope this helps a little.
    All the best in your naming journey.
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    My favorites with Elwood would be Eliza, Emmeline, Emilia, or Evelyn. I also like the idea of Everly a bit more than Emery because it sounds more feminine to me, Elwood & Emery might be mistaken for b/b twins.
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