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    Vivian and Vivienne have different pronunciations to me. Vi-vi-anne or Vi-vi-EHN.

    And I like Philippa Eleanor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brigid16 View Post
    Is Whitt a family name? If so, I'd go for Vivian Gray and Philippa Whitt.
    If Whitt isn't a family name, then I like that Eve is also a one-syllable middle. Philippa Eve is very classy.

    I like Vivienne, but it's pronounced differently to me-- vi-vi-EN versus VIV-i-un. I personally prefer both the look and sound of Vivian, and I like that it matches the rhythm of Philippa, but Vivienne is also a good option.
    Yep, Whitt is a family name on my side; I do think it balances well with Gray, which is on DH's side, just worry how it'll work with our one-syllable last name. Eve is actually in both of our family trees.

    I do worry about that with the -enne spelling! The only thing I worry about with -an is that it's also the masculine form here in the UK. I like that it's less fru-fru, though.

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    Vivian is my preferred spelling of the name. Vivian Gray sounds wonderful! Personally, I like Philippa Winter the best followed by Philippa Eve.

    Vivian Gray and Philippa Winter - oh they look and sound good together!!!
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    I love Philippa Winter! I prefer the Vivian spelling, but I can see how Vivienne would go with Philippa as well.. This may not be an issue for you, but I worry about giving one child a family name and not the other :/
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    I also pronounce them differently Vivian (VI-vee-an) versus Vivienne (vi-vee-EHN). I like the look of Vivienne better with Phillipa. For middles, I love Vivienne Gray and Phillipa Rose -- same syllables in the first and middle names, plus the color connection between Gray and Rose. Gorgeous names!
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