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    Expecting boy/girl twins! Unsure of names!!

    Baby boy and girl expected November 4 or sooner! Just found out the genders and would like to have some names picked! Need advice on one name in particular, and I have a few middles picked out.

    For the baby boy....
    Elwood (the father is obsessed with this and won't budge. I don't mind it but I would like a good middle name)
    Elwood Jaeger (boyfriends choice, I'm unsure)

    My favorites for baby boy: Everett, Jethro, Jude, Emmett, Lewis, Asher, Archer. No clue about middle names for any of those, open to suggestions and also names close to Elwood or a better middle name for Elwood.

    Girls! Thankfully my boyfriend hasn't said much about girl names. And if we go with Elwood for the boy I'm definitely picking the girl name. I would LOVE to have Gemini as a middle name, as it is our sign and it means Twins. But Gemini seems like more of a middle name, at least that's the way I see it. What are some good middle names for Gemini? And what do you all think of my other favorites for our baby girl...

    Girl names:

    Open to any baby girl suggestions.

    And I'm super unsure about if I want the twins names to "match" or be completely different from each other.. Open to good pairs!! Lets just say I am open to any suggestions based on anything similar to what I have here....

    I feel such pressure naming TWO babies, my mind is overwhelmed.

    Oh and I don't know if we share last names on here (I'm new and this is my first post) but the last name for both babes is pronounced (Dah-wear-on)

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    Welcome to Nameberry and congratulations on twins!

    Elwood is a cool name. It is rare and sounds strong and handsome. I am thinking Elwood James would be especially nice.

    I agree with you that Gemini makes a better middle name than a first name. As far as firsts go, I like it when twins have subtle-y matching names, but do not share the same first letter. Even so, I do think Elwood and Emmeline go really nicely together! Adeline might also be a nice choice.
    Maya Gemini & Elwood James would work, but I'm not sure it has that twin cohesiveness that you might be looking for.
    Other ideas:
    Elwood & Ainsley
    Elwood & Ashley
    Elwood & Hazel (I love these two together, although I don't know if Hazel is your style)

    I hope that helps!
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    Thank you! I like Elwood James for sure, I will suggest that to the boss lol, he was also suggesting Elwood Benjiman.

    I am starting to fall in love with the name Emmaline, but maybe more with Emmalynn. What would be good middles for Emmalynn?

    I agree Maya Gemini is nice, I'm starting to think it is the only way Gemini will work.

    Thanks again for your reply !

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    I suggest elwood gemini ... can't see gemini working with your girl names other then Maya . I love Emmeline Pearl (gemini birth stone) or the month if it's June....

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    Oooo I love Elwood Benjamin and Emmeline (I prefer this spelling) Pearl together! I don't think Gemini really works with your other names, but love the idea of using the birthstone Pearl instead.

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